We are trade consulting company registered in Shanghai, doing import and export trading for 18 years, therefore the earliest sole supplier of Reclaimed and Traditional building materials.
Our main products include old Reclaimed Bricks, Used Refractory Brick , old Reclaimed thin bricks, handmade clay bricks ,handmade terracotta floor tiles ,encaustic cement tiles, Terrazzo tiles , Old Stone Troughs & Old Millstone Antique flagstone Pavers, old reclaimed wood etc, they have been exported to Japan, Israel, UK, Netherland, Belgium and US, Australia etc.
As a matter of fact, our products also include old-look European style building material, especially British Victorian collections, bright and sunny South European flooring tiles, elegant and charming landscaping brick collections.
The world has experienced construction industry's fast development during the last few decades; people have started to realize the importance of building material resources protection and second proper use of them.
Meanwhile, developers begin to be particular about the patterns and grow increasing needs for putting ancient style on new buildings.
To meet increasing needs, Chanson has expanded its traditional material collections and service scope.
We are more than confident to provide you with high quality services.
We hope to become steady supplier of architects, interior designers and individual owners.
If you need special products, never hesitate to contact us, even if we can’t provide you with stock, we will be happy to produce for you.
Tel: +86 21 61245673 MP: +86 15801966690
E-Mail: bricktile@shchanson.com
WebSite: http://www.landscape-brick.com
Shanghai Chanson Commercial Consultation CO., LTD.
Tel: +86 21 61245673 MP: +86 15801966690 Mail: bricktile@shchanson.com